13 tips on how to get more subscribers on YouTube

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Do you want to get started as an influencer on YouTube? Are you already active, but want to expand your reach? We have 13 tips to help you get more subscribers on YouTube! 

  1. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end of your video. This may sound silly, but it is often forgotten. Tell your viewers at the end that it would make you happy and support you if they subscribe to your channelas long as they like your videos. The best thing to do is not just say it but also write it once in your description box under the video. 
  2. Offer your viewers an incentive to subscribe to your channel, for example, a giveaway. You can then raffle off the prize among those who have subscribed to your channel and commented on your video. Even small incentives can provide the necessary motivation boost. But keep in mind that your giveaway must comply with YouTube guidelines.   
  3. Make it clear what content you are offering viewers. Don't just end your videos by asking viewers to subscribe to your channel; summarize in a concise sentence what users can expect on your channel as well. For example: "My channel has new fashion inspiration, fashion hauls, and discount codes for you every three days." 

    Your channel description should also be short, to the point and appealing. The information should make it immediately clear to users what your channel offers and why they should subscribe. Your personal touch is essential here! If you have a website, you should include it in your channel description, as well as your Instagram account and your other public social media profiles.

  4. Link your YouTube videos to each other in suitable places. New viewers don't always end up on your channel because they actively look for you as a YouTuber. They often discover new channels through the videos that YouTube suggests and encounter a new YouTuber by chance. If you deliver good content, the new users are sure to be excited about your video. And now? To prevent users from bouncing back after one video, you should link other videos of yours that are suitable. A small box with a descriptive link in the appropriate place in your YouTube video ensures that users can easily watch more from you. 
  5. Upload videos regularly and announce them at the end of your video. It gives users regular content and a reason to subscribe to your channel and benefits the YouTube algorithm. Two to three videos per week is a good start for your YouTube channel. 
  6. Keep the intros of your videos short. Intros are an excellent way to make your YouTube channel more recognizable. You should never do without intros in your YouTube videos.   
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  1. If you have the opportunity, team up with other influencers and YouTubers. Shoot a challenge or an interview together and benefit from your reach and new subscribers. It would help if you always kept an eye on video trends. Follow the trends on YouTube and produce your own videos to match. 
  2. Stick to your themes. Do you love make-up and beauty? Great, then your videos are all about that. Of course, you should also keep an eye open and use trends to benefit you! But don’t forget to provide your viewers with your unique content and personal touch If you deviate too much from your theme and no longer deliver what your users actually subscribed to you for, they will be gone quickly. So, stay true to yourself. Be yourself on your YouTube channel, give your subscribers variety while keeping to your theme. 
  3. Ask your community which YouTube videos they would like to see from you. If you are also active on Instagram, you can, for example, quickly create a poll in your Story. This way, your followers can decide which video they want to see next from you. Besides, in your YouTube video itself, you can ask at the end what your subscribers would like to see more of: Is it your daily vlogs or a tutorial for different make-up looks? The users can then express their wishes under your video. Interactive polls directly on YouTube are another way to engage with your subscribers. 
  4. Once you have uploaded your new video, share it on your other profiles such as Instagram, Facebook or your blog. With a teaser that makes people curious and a link to your video, you are sure to lead some new viewers to your YouTube channel. Don't forget the relevant hashtags on Instagram!  
  5. Avoid advertising in your videos at the beginning. If you are just in the process of building your YouTube channel and growing the number of subscribers, advertisements can be more of a hindrance and scare users away. If, on the other hand, you already have plenty of subscribers and have established your channel on YouTube, then you can also place ads there. But they shouldn't be too long or too many; otherwise, your viewers will be annoyed. 

    Anothermuch more subtleway to make money with YouTube is stylink. With our Linkmaker, you create recommendation links and get paid per click on these links. Your followers don't have to see annoying ads, and they know at a glance where they can buy your products if they are interested. You link your products in your YouTube description box under your video and when your followers click on the link, you will receive moneyvery easy!    

  6. Keep the "Embed" function enabled on your channel. That way, other users can embed your videos on their blogs and websites, and you get more reach. It gives new users the chance to discover you and your channel. If you want to exclude certain websites or apps from the possibility of embedding your videos, you can do this in your settings.   
  7. Create good thumbnails for your videos. The thumbnails must be appealing and, above all, meaningful so that they arouse curiosity at first glance. It is important that you only use the thumbnails to tease what you actually show in your video. Otherwise, many viewers will be disappointed if you don't meet their expectations from the video. 

With creative content and these 13 tips, you are sure to attract even more subscribers to your YouTube channel. We wish you all the best! If you want to expand your channel and easily earn money with YouTube, please contact us or sign up directly for free. stylink is a free compensation platform for influencers, and we are very familiar with the opportunities and obstacles in influencer marketing.    

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