The perfect fashion haul: How to present your styles in the best possible way

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Have you just finished a huge shopping trip? Or have you received some new clothes? Now is the perfect time to film a fashion haul! We have put together some valuable tips to make your haul a success. Would you like to share the best discounts and sales with your followers who are looking forward to buying your it-pieces and stylish looks? Here is a guide that will help you score points with your community for your next haul.

Fashion what? Fashion haul!

The word “haul” can be translated as load or yield. “Hauling” has established itself in the last few years, particularly in the influencer world. Fashion and beauty hauls are a big part of an influencer’s daily business—certainly for you too. Depending on the season, you show your community seasonal looks or selected favourite pieces to inspire them with the latest trends in the fashion world. That could be the latest shoes, skinny jeans or cosy jumpers. The important thing is to create a whole look!

It doesn’t matter whether you are into beauty, fashion, lifestyle or fitness. One thing is certain: Hauls are very popular with followers and collaboration partners, which is why they have become an indispensable part of the social media world.

Preparation is the be-all and end-all—your to-dos in advance

Order is half the battle—and the same goes for preparing your haul. Did you just finish shopping at your favourite shops where you couldn’t make up your mind, and so now you have lots of new trendy pieces? Or has your bulk order finally arrived, and you can’t wait to show it to your community? However, before you start your haul, put together all the outfits you want to present and film. This way, you can see in which combination you put on the individual pieces and which accessories round off your outfit.

Don’t wear all the pieces at once just to show what’s new. Instead, create a stylish, holistic look. Who would want to buy something that does not look stylish and harmonious in combination with other pieces? Perhaps you have other beautiful clothes in your closet that will integrate perfectly with your look.

Inspire your followers to recreate your look. Convince them that this new piece is precisely what defines the look and that they absolutely need it in their wardrobe!

Our tip: Find the corresponding product links for each look from your favourite shops and save them in your notes, for example. This way, you won’t lose track of the items and save yourself a lot of work in the end.

Mirror, mirror on the wall—use a large mirror for your fashion haul

One thing is essential for the authentic presentation of your new look: a large mirror. In order that your followers can see your look from head to toe, you should position a body-sized mirror so that you stand in a good light and you and your outfit are completely visible. If you don’t have a fixed place for your mirror yet, you can place it in any room. What you should also consider: Your mirror should be clean—after all, you want to shine in all its glory. So, grab the glass cleaner and off you go.

Perfect location—where do I shoot my haul?

Another success factor for your fashion haul: Choose the right location. Tidy, clean, and simple rooms or places in your home are ideal for shooting a haul—for example, your bedroom or living room.

You can set up a clothes rack with the new dresses, coats and sweaters in the background. In addition, drape a beautiful plant, stylish posters on the walls or decorative items that match your outfit in colour, for example. Create a pleasant and realistic setting for your haul. Avoid too much chaos; it distracts from your looks. A certain amount of clutter, on the other hand, can be very authentic and convey credibility. However, make sure that very private things are out of sight.

Which room you choose is up to you. Putting up a mirror in the forest and filming your fashion haul is extraordinary, but it doesn’t look believable. Especially in the case of a collaboration, you want to present the new outfits and products to your followers as authentically as possible. So, let’s start looking for the perfect location!

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Shine bright like a diamond—put yourself in the right light for your fashion haul

Make sure your hauls are well-lit to improve the film quality. After all, your followers should be able to see you and your new purchases in the best light. Avoid shooting hauls in the late evening; it’s too dark for that.

Artificial light from ceiling lamps is also not recommended. The recording quality of many smartphones is poor in rooms without direct daylight; the image looks pixelated and has a yellow tint. It is best to position yourself next to a window in sunlight so that you are well-lit. The fabrics and colours of the individual pieces can be seen better in daylight. As a supporting light source, you can use a ring light or a softbox with a daylight lamp that allows you to produce videos independently of daylight. Position it diagonally behind your mirror so that you are well-lit. Be careful not to cast too big a shadow. You just have to try it out a little to see how it looks best.

Multitasking—posing, filming, talking and presenting your looks the right way

You are ready to start your fashion haul; you have your first outfit on and have your mobile phone already in your hand—but how do you start now? You want to show your followers your new look as best you can and get the right angle, ideally showing yourself from your best side. That can be quite a challenge sometimes!

If you are unsure how to present yourself in your haul best, you can practice in front of the mirror beforehand. Avoid posing too much—relaxed and natural looks best. Stay true to yourself in your haul; your followers want to see you being authentic.

Our tip: Take a few test shots. A steady hand is essential now—don’t let your followers get dizzy while watching you.

Would you rather have your hands free? Then we recommend a tripod for camera stability. This allows you to attach your smartphone slightly tilted forward in the selfie mode. As long as you film your fashion haul slightly from above, you create a favourable angle. If you want to see yourself taking the picture, you can use the “hands-free” mode with the selfie camera on Instagram. If that doesn’t work either, a family member or friend can help you out.

Show me what you got—show product detail

If you want to focus on individual pieces of your look, film them in a different spot. Show special features such as colour, texture or artistic details that are not easily visible from further away. Describe how you feel in the clothes, how comfortable they are, for what occasion you could imagine wearing this look. This will stimulate the imagination of your followers.

For example, if you are introducing your new sneakers, you can squat down to showcase your foot with the new shoes. If you want to prove the comfort of your new trousers, show your followers that they don’t cut in or pinch when you sit down. Does your new coat have cute golden details? Show them! Your followers will gain more trust in you and the outfits and have a clear idea of the product.

It’s a wrap—linking and editing your haul

Your fashion haul is in the can, and you have filmed all of your looks. Now it is time to edit your video.
If you have not shot your video directly on Instagram but instead pre-produced it, you will now have to edit and process your video. On Influencer Marketing Hub’s blog, you will find many tips and a suitable selection of practical video editing programs. When you have finished cutting and editing the haul, you can upload your edited video sequence by sequence into your Story. The last step is linking. When linking, make sure to choose the right pieces for your respective looks. The link list that you have created at the very beginning of your haul will help you here. Do not forget: Your followers want to load the product immediately when they click on your links. Landing on the shop’s homepage is sure to be frustrating for your followers.

The order in which you link your pieces is up to you. For example, you can begin by linking your tops. Tell or write exactly which piece you’ve just linked. Using the link sticker function, you can insert the corresponding links into your corresponding story sequence. Finally, make sure that you label your Story in the correct format.

How you can use stylink for your fashion hauls

With stylink, you can earn money with your haul. Anyone who has registered with stylink can create links for hauls. stylink is a free compensation platform where you get paid per click. Sign up with stylink, benefit from the advantages, and use the stylink Linkmaker to insert your outfit links from our partner shops into your YouTube description box, Instagram Story, Pinterest or blog. You will get paid from the first click on your created link. So, in the end, you get something out of it. Win-win!

Good luck!

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