How to use stylink effectively in the 2020 Cyber Week on Instagram

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Cyber Week has been a topic in your Instagram feed for weeks now and you can’t wait to make some really good purchases? We feel the same way! To ensure that you can benefit as an influencer from Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the entire Cyber Week, we have collected a bunch of tips for you. Find out how to use the affiliate links from our Linkmaker during Cyber Week to make sure that your Instagram followers click on your links frequently so that you earn money! 

Black Friday and Cyber Week: Content planning is key

You post many discounted products in your Insta Stories during Cyber Week, and your followers will click on the affiliate links you created with stylink - sounds easy, doesn’t it? To prevent you from losing the overview between all the discount codes and special offers of the online shops, you should integrate the discount campaigns on Black Friday and Cyber Monday into your content.

Here is the first tip for you: Don’t limit yourself to these two days, but start planning your content early. Get an overview of which shops are taking part in Cyber Week and what discounts they offer. Our partner shops like H&M, Topshop, ASOS, very and co. are waiting for you and your followers with great offers! It’s the easiest to make a list so that you don’t lose track. You might even publish your list so that your followers have the chance to benefit from the various discount offers. By posting interesting content for your followers before Cyber Week begins, you are likely to increase the chance that they plan to buy your recommended products on Black Friday or afterwards. Feel free to show your products several times before Cyber Week starts and save them in your story highlights. This way, your followers won’t miss anything.

Remember to take a quick look at the last Cyber Week: What went well for you, and what didn’t? Which affiliate links were clicked often, and which hardly got any clicks? Also, take a look at your current Instagram Insights: Which products are your followers particularly interested in at the end of October, which links in your stories or posts have the most clicks? This way you can see straight away which products your followers are currently interested in. 

Content-Tips for Cyber Week 2020 

stylink, vergütungs-plattform, influencer, geld verdienen instagram, cyber week, black friday 2020

We have gathered the best tips for you, to help you make the most of your content on Instagram so that you can use your reward from stylink to fulfil a Christmas wish or two. We recommend you not to randomly post shop names and discounts on Instagram, but rather  provide your followers with helpful information during Cyber Week, so they won’t be bored and click on the next story, but will certainly enjoy using your affiliate links. 

  • Style your top pieces for the winter: Is it the current pullover trend? Or your boots? Show your followers the looks you love and the trends you can’t get through the winter without. Fashion hauls and stories with your most beautiful #ootd offer plenty of inspiration to buy your favourites at a reduced price during Cyber Week. 
  • Share your best Christmas looks. It’s time for cosy knitted jumpers and festive looks for the holidays. Your followers are now looking for ideas for a stylish Christmas outfit or tutorials for glamorous evening make-up for New Year’s Eve.
  • Show your Christmas decorations. What works for fashion and beauty, works for interior design as well. Your Christmas decorations will not only put you in the right Christmas mood but also serve as a beautiful background for your photos in your Instagram Feed and Stories. 
  • It´s time for gift ideas! Almost every one of your followers is probably asking themselves: “What should I buy my loved ones for Christmas?” There are lots of people who wait for Black Friday to get cheap Christmas presents. Create a short Gift Guide for your followers, in which you present gift inspirations. 
  • Share shopping and packing tips for Christmas break. Although travelling will be unlikely this year, we wish to have at least a few days with our loved ones. Reuniting with siblings and parents under the sparkling Christmas tree means packing suitcases for many of us. Your followers will be grateful if you give them tips on which essential items to pack for a cosy time with the family. You might also share how your satin dress for Christmas Eve will survive the journey.

Ideally, you take a look at your wardrobe before Cyber Week starts to see which of your current favourites fit the season well. Are there any items that are still missing in your wardrobe that you want to buy? Share your missing pieces with your followers. 

The Cyber Week 2020 on Instagram: The Basics 

To be well prepared for Black Friday and co, you should always use well-suited hashtags like #blackfriday2020, #cybermonday2020, #blackfridaysale or #cybermondaydeals in your posts for the Instagram Feed as well as in your numerous stories. It also makes sense to check which hashtags are suitable for you beforehand. 

One thing is for sure: As an influencer, you should not miss Cyber Week. Now that you already know how to use the Cyber Week discounts effectively to receive attractive compensation  from stylink, we have a few basic tips for you: Always make sure that you use the correct discount codes in your posts to avoid upsetting your followers. Also, make sure that you only recommend serious offers and high-quality products.  According to a survey from 2018, 68% of the women are shopping for their family and only 46% are shopping for themselves.  Therefore, it is even more important to link high-quality products as they will likely be gifted to others!

The amount that many followers splurge on Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be really attractive for you. Women shop for up to 200£ in total, a number that has been increasing over the last couple of years. Thus, Black Friday and Cyber Monday do lead to stronger buying behaviour than on usual days. This is your chance to receive attractive compensation at stylink if your followers click on your affiliate links! 

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