Influencer Interview: Dymund and the Life of a Content Creator

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Meet @dymund – a UK based fashion influencer and YouTuber.

Not every Influencer’s journey begins the same way. Some are lucky enough to become overnight successes, but for many others, they have to take it day by day to build and grow their community. That journey can sometimes be messy, from highs of chaotic creative genius to lows of content creator’s block. So stylink decided to sit down with a woman who could dish on some of those details, her journey from her first YouTube video (“I was so cringe! I took it down!”), to life interruptions and learning how to love the creative process. It is time to meet the one and only, Dymund

Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited! I didn’t realize I’d be the first (interviewee). I’m so thrilled to be here; thank you so much for the invite.

We are just so thankful that you are joining us! You’re on Instagram and YouTube. But I’m interested in knowing which one came first? Were you an Instagram star, or did you start first with your YouTube channel?

Do you know what? That is such a tricky question because I’ve always had YouTube, but I didn’t really know how to utilize it. I didn’t know how to create content; I used it mainly to watch other content creators. And so, to answer your question, I’d probably say Instagram came first. I started putting a lot of work on Instagram, and then I started doing YouTube. So definitely Instagram came first, then followed by YouTube; a bit in a funny way!

Do you feel like one is the more authentic you? 

Absolutely. I think that if you want to know the real Dymund and my personality, then you will definitely have to go on YouTube. You will see all of that! Literally, you see real life. I’m a mum, as you know, and perhaps when you go on my Instagram, you can’t tell straight away that I am a mother of four children. Whereas if you go over on my YouTube, you’ll see my family life, you’ll see the real nitty-gritty, you get to see the personality, you’ll get to see everything that is Dymund, basically.

I noticed you do such a wide variety on YouTube, from vlogs to fashion hauls and a lot of day-to-day life with your family; what was your decision process to include the family in your videos?

Honestly, what happened was, it just became really difficult to film content around the kids. And so I decided, perhaps it will be a lot easier to include the kids in the vlogs and just have them involved.

A lot of the time, what would happen is that I would film my content during the night. So I would be up filming from 10 PM until 4 AM, or sometimes 6 AM. It just became really hard and difficult, because, then in the morning, I have the school runs. I just became so worn out.  I decided, perhaps if I have the kids involved, it would be a lot easier for me. To still create the content, still give people what they want, but just include more of my family lifestyle in it as well. And to be honest, it was one of the best decisions that I made because it made things a lot easier.

We are such a crazy bunch! It was the best decision to include them rather than hide them away or shushing them in the corner. It was better just to have them involved, and they love it. I give them that freedom too. I ask them, “You want to be in it today?” and if they don’t want to be in it, it’s absolutely fine. I don’t force them or anything like that. But yeah, it was such an easy decision to get them involved so I can create content that I love, but it’s less stressful on me as well.

I can’t even imagine, from 10 until 4 in the morning! Is being a content creator and influencer a full-time job for you, or is it something you do as a hobby?

It has definitely become a full-time thing for me, and it’s weird because I sort of missed the transition! I really love dressing up, and that’s why I film my hauls. I like being able to connect to my audience because I love putting on a new blouse or a new skirt and speaking about it. I absolutely love that energy that it gives me, so it became full-time without me even knowing it! And the reason is that it became something that I enjoyed doing more and more and more of. So even on days when I wasn’t filming anything, my mind was going off, ‘what am I going to do next?’, ‘which are the latest trends that I can include in my hauls?’ and stuff like that. So as of now, I would definitely say that it is a full-time thing because I’m constantly thinking of new things to do, and I’m constantly filming. I live and breathe this. That’s what it’s become.

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You recently filmed and uploaded a haul video to YouTube. Can you describe the process and how that process has changed over the years?

It’s become a lot easier now! At first, I wanted to give all the information at once. For those that have been watching from the early stage, I used to give details down to the percentage of fabrics, and I was really breaking down all the details. The only reason why I did that was because I personally love those types of details! But now I’ve got more of a structure. So now I try on the clothes and try to give only what people need, and for the extra (information), I allow them to slide into my DMs where we can speak further on it.

I also plan in advance, whereas before, I used to be crazy! I’d do a haul when the kids went to school, and then at night, I’d edit and upload it by 4 am. All within the same day! That’s how crazy I was. But then I thought it’s too much, let me have more of a structure because that was not good for me. It was literally nonstop. Just go go go. But now, I’d rather plan ahead. I’ll do two hauls in one night so that I know the next couple of days I won’t be so stressed out.

It’s always better to plan ahead, even when it comes to taking photos for your Instagram. I’ve told my people; take four outfits out and find a lovely location and try to take as many photos as you can with your outfits so that you have four Instagram posts ready to go. Rather than waiting to (take pictures) on the day, being stressed out, makeup cracking, looking absolutely crazy! Like, you don’t want that! You want to give good quality photos. So planning ahead is something I’d definitely recommend.

You joined our stylink community in 2020. Why did you decide to do so, and do you have any favourite shops that you love making recommendations for?

So I was doing my hauls, and at first, it was just fun, fun, fun, fun. And then I came across stylink. It was the best thing that happened to me, honestly, and I recommend it to every one of my Instagram friends who do hauls. In the beginning, I wasn’t getting the sponsorship deals, so I was literally spending money on my own clothes because I loved so much what I was doing, but when I came in contact with stylink, it just made things so much easier for me. You can still do the hauls, but you’re now benefiting from the commission that you get from it. And I had no idea you could do that!

Yes, earning money based on your recommendations!

Exactly, I had no idea at all. I love stylink because it has all the shops that I normally shop, which made it super exciting for me. There’s prettylittlething, which I really love, and Mango! Also, stylink, you guys have been adding some really top brands, and I don’t know how often you guys do it, but you’ve added shops and brands that I normally shop with; it makes it even more exciting! It’s an absolutely amazing idea, and I wish I had used it from earlier.

We are so happy you are using stylink now, and I will pass along your notes to the stylink team, who work tirelessly to create those new shop partnerships.  As we are coming to the end of our time, what has been some of the best advice you have ever received? Also, any advice you’d share?

This is advice that was given to me, and I didn’t really take it on board until later on, but it’s ok to take your time. We are so centered on glowing up, living it up, and being our absolute best. We have to remember that everyone works and travels at their own speed. So work with what you have, push yourself, don’t compare yourself to other influencers. The minute you start doing that, it’s just going to be so hard for you to accept and be in love with what you’re doing.

Stop the comparison thing. They say that comparison is the thief of joy, and I absolutely believe that. Work at your own pace, be kind to yourself. You might fail today, but trust me, baby girl, baby boy, pick yourself up and go again. Keep moving! We all fail; that is the beauty of life, but don’t be so hard on yourself and try again. Even the top influencers or top YouTubers, they’ve made many mistakes to get to where they are at. There is no handbook that gives you A to Z steps. Figure it out and figure you out and go with it. Just do you because no one can do you better than you. You are you!

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I love it, and I love the positive message you are putting out there. No one else can be you. Take your time; there’s no handbook or timeframe.

Yes! Give yourself time, and consistency is key.

A lot of people think that, and while many people have done it, overnight success (is the only way), but in reality, that isn’t always the case. For some people, it could take them two months, some people two years. Some people, it could take them ten years! But when you’re consistently doing something amazing, people will literally gravitate to you. You just have to keep being authentic.

I remember, just quickly, I remember when I first started. I used to watch a lot of other content creators, right? So I wanted to be like them. I wanted to mimic them. I remember my first YouTube video, which I actually took down! I was (in a high, false friendly voice) “Hi, welcome to my channel, and” it wasn’t real. I was so fake in it; I was so cringe!

It was a cringe-worthy moment, but when I said I am going to cut out on all of the acts and I am just going to be me, I started noticing that my page started growing. People were engaging with me. And I loved it more! It wasn’t so much “ugh, I have to do a video.” It became, “ohmygod! I have to do a video, I’m so excited!” you know?

So I would say just be authentic and continue being consistent. Even if you just get one viewer today, that is still one person that watched you. If you get ten viewers tomorrow, that’s already nine more viewers than on your first video, you know? Just keep going!

 @dymund is a UK-based fashion Instagramer and all-around YouTube guru with over 3 million views. A mother of four, she balances daily life, content creation and shares her insights on various topics from food and language to family and fashion. She has a little something for everyone! We can not thank her enough for taking the time to sit down with stylink and share her story and tips.

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