#instagoal: creating a coherent Instagram feed

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Do you want a consistent Instagram feed? Which is harmonious and appealing? With a little skill and the right image editing tricks, it’s not that difficult. We will tell you how it works!

A tidy, uniform Instagram feed is not just attractive for influencers. Creating a coherent Instagram feed is also important for other users, who have certain expectations of their Instagram profile. Besides a professional and aesthetic look, a unique Instagram style also ensures that your posts have a recognition value. We provide you with the right tips and tools to take your Instagram feed to the next level through consistency.

Be individual on Instagram: discover your style

Before you update your feed, you should carefully think about how it should look in the end. If you don’t have a clear idea, it often helps to get a little inspiration from other profiles. Remember, you are not just limited to get these inspirations from Instagram. A Pinterest board can also give you inspiration in terms of colour, shape and style. First, think about what your Instagram feed should convey. What suits you and your content? Should it be dreamy, cool, minimalistic or colourful? Next: Ask yourself which colours, shapes and styles present these characteristics? Don’t limit yourself too much but set a few basic rules regarding sharpness, perspective, brightness, colour scheme and style. Determining a clear concept in advance makes it easier for you to make your feed look attractive instead of desperately tidying up your posts afterwards.

The interplay of colours in your Instagram feed

It works especially well if you choose two or three colours in your Instagram feed. Are you a fitness influencer and love your bright gym outfits? Then you can choose bold colours. As an influencer, do you stand for fashion trends in soft colours like nude, black, grey and brown? Then choose two or three colours here. Minimalist decoration lovers tend to choose pastel colours or trendy chrome shades. Do you love to show your followers your girlish side and you wear lots of pink and purple? Then maybe these are just the right colours for your feed. With a little research – for example at Pinterest – you can quickly find out which colours harmonise well and suit you.

A consistent Instagram feed: less is more

The important thing is: Once you have found your colours, it is not about posting only pictures in these colours. Instead, make sure that each post contains one of the chosen colours. Playing with colours will make your Instagram feed look more consistent. If you choose not just one colour, but two or three that are occasionally hidden in details, the whole thing looks stylish and smooth instead of too flashy and outdated. In other words, you choose warm earth tones of brown, beige and green to match your nature and yoga content, for instance. Consequently, each of your pictures is an element in one of those colours. This can sometimes be striking and sometimes less striking: Perhaps it’s just a leaf of the green plant, a small brown button on your skirt or maybe it’s the green water bottle next to your yoga mat or your whole outfit in earthy colours.

Use multicolours

To make your feed look modern and cool through different colours, it’s important that you don’t just choose one colour. Many companies do this – you may be familiar with the Instagram feed from Caffè Nero, Sainsbury’s or T-Mobile. What may work well for these companies and their target group is certainly not what you want to achieve with your profile. Otherwise, your Instagram feed will quickly look old-fashioned and boring. After all, these companies pursue a different purpose with their appearance, have different followers and convey different values than you do, hence they present themselves differently. In addition, when you subtly work with multiple colours on Instagram, you are much more flexible and don’t limit yourself in your content. The effect of a consistent Instagram feed is still there. Influencers like @zoloubooth show how professional and appealing a colour coordinated Instagram feed can be. 

Variety in the feed: do not let boredom arise

You can vary your chosen colours after a while if you wish. Start with subtle details to introduce new colours and make sure you never work with more than three or four colours at a time. After all, you don’t want your feed to become a rainbow spectacle. As your followers scroll through your feed, the variety of colours will be noticeable and it will still look nice and consistent.

How to discover which pose suits you

A handful of similar poses on your photos will create a similar effect like the repeating colours. Your Instagram feed will look coherent without looking unauthentic. Pick a few poses and positions that appeal to you and use them from time to time. Different outfits and locations ensure that similar poses do not look boring.

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Presets, filters & image editing

Once you have taken your photo and are happy with the result, you can start editing. Again, repeating elements are vital. Try to use the same presets and Instagram filters for your pictures. Many users rely on presets when editing their photos. Presets are prepared settings that you can use to edit your photos, for example, certain colour filters. Different providers offer preset packages for sale, which allow you to edit holiday pictures, wedding pictures, food pictures, portraits, etc. You load the presets into an image editing program such as Lightroom so that you can edit your images in a consistent way. Ideally, you work with the same image editing program and the same presets all the time. If you are working with Instagram filters instead of presets, use the same filter for your photos and set the intensity of each post to about the same level.

#instadaily: plan your Instagram posts

Use an app or tool to schedule your Instagram Posts such as the app “Later“. Later helps you to see at a glance what you are going to post in the next week and it gives you a good idea of how your posts will interact in your feed. This way, you can check in advance whether there is enough variety in your feed. One advice is that you shouldn’t post very similar photos directly after each other. Do the posts appear coherent, appealing and harmonious together? In case you don’t want to use a tool for planning: Send yourself the finished photo you want to post via Instagram DM. The photos will be saved in your Instagram album on your smartphone. Now you can check whether they fit your previous Instagram photos. It’s that easy! Keep in mind that you want to look at your feed as a whole instead of focusing on a single photo. Put yourself in the shoes of your followers and take a “critical” look at your Instagram feed. Try to ask yourself what impression your Instagram appearance makes.

Conclusion: with skill and consistency to a stylish Instagram feed

Is it your goal to make your Instagram feed harmonious, aesthetic and appealing without looking unnatural? If so, use a colour scheme in your feed and try to post authentic content. Stay true to yourself and use our small but effective tricks to bring consistency and glamour to your Instagram feed. We are curious to see your upcoming posts!

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