The link sticker is now available for all users!

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The link sticker has recently replaced the swipe-up function on Instagram. And now comes the next change: Everyone should be able to use the sticker function in the future! What previously could only be used by accounts with over 10,000 followers is now available to everyone. In this blog article, we tell you about the advantages of the link stickers, what you should pay attention to when using them, and what this means for your stylink use. 

The link sticker for everyone

The sticker function was only available to accounts with over 10,000 followers until now. However, during the trial phase of the link stickers, it was also possible for smaller Instagram accounts to use this function. Instagram received a lot of positive feedback regarding it, which is one of the reasons why the sticker function is now available to everyone.

You can add the link sticker to your story, just like all other stickers (location, GIFs, etc.). It is very easy to do: Create a picture of your choice and click on the sticker button in the menu, where all stickers are available. The link sticker is now also listed there. When you open it, you can insert your desired link.

Stylinks as link stickers

Until now, users with fewer than 10,000 followers could only add their affiliate links to their Instagram bio. From now on, everyone can post their stylinks as stickers. This means that nano influencers can also benefit from this change. It comes with many advantages. 

Advantages of the link sticker

  • More attention to your links
  • More clicks and, therefore, a better monetisation chance
  • Your followers know what is hidden behind the link in the story -> real interest in what is behind the clicks
  • The story and thus the link can be saved permanently thanks to the highlight function
  • Nano influencers are more likely to be selected for a campaign than before

If you don’t yet know how to create stylinks, you can find instructions here.

Link sticker access can be blocked  

It is essential to keep in mind that access to Instagram can also be revoked in case of misuse. Instagram wants to prevent the spread of harmful content or general abuse of link usage. Therefore, accounts created less than 30 days ago cannot have access to the link sticker for the time being.   


About the Author

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Johanna is responsible for the UK market at stylink. She enjoys discovering new social media trends and likes to immerse herself in the digital world.