New at stylink: Easily create affiliate links via WhatsApp and earn money even faster!

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Yes, you read that right! We have launched a new feature! With the WhatsApp Linkmaker, you can now create links even easier. So, we will explain everything you need to know, from how it works, what you have to do, and what you should pay attention to. In any case, one thing is certain: it makes creating links child’s play. So, start receiving your links directly on your mobile phone and earn money with stylink even faster!

How do I create affiliate links via WhatsApp?

It’s very simple: In order to be able to create your links, you simply copy – as usual – the URL to the product that you want to show to your followers. The only difference now is that you no longer create the link using the linkmaker in your stylink profile, but send the copied link via WhatsApp to our newly created mobile phone number (+49) 1579 2514373. After a few seconds, you will receive your affiliate link, which you can then share on Instagram. And another great news: in addition to your link, you will also be informed directly how high your current pence payment for the respective shop is.

stylink, vergütungs-plattform, influencer, instagram geld verdienen, youtube geld verdienen, empfehlungslinks whatsapp

What do I have to pay attention to if I want to use the WhatsApp Linkmaker?

Very important: you must, of course, be registered with stylink in order to use our new feature. In addition, the telephone number with which you use this service must also be registered with stylink – otherwise creating the recommendation links via WhatsApp will unfortunately not work. As usual, you can only create links for shops registered with us. If you would like to know which partner shops we are currently working with, then scroll down in your stylink user profile under the linkmaker. From there, you will find an overview of all our partner shops. The WhatsApp Linkmaker is only used to create your stylink. Please continue to use your Instagram account, Youtube, Pinterest or blog to share your links.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our official support channels.

Very important: Since the function is completely automated, all you have to do is send us the link to the product you would like to recommend. Please refrain from additional words or greetings. If you have any questions about your stylink profile, please contact us directly via our official support channel via WhatsApp, Instagram, or email so that we can help you quickly. By the way, if you want to know why stylink is worthwhile for you as an influencer, take a look at this blog post!

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