stylink X YouTube: Earn money with stylink on YouTube

stylink, influencer platform, youtube, affiliate platform

We have great news at stylink. From now on, you can create affiliate links for Instagram and YouTube videos with our Linkmaker and earn money easily.

Get rewarded for your YouTube videos

Especially YouTube videos can be quite complex. That’s why we think it’s all the more important that you are rewarded for your work as a YouTuber. With stylink, you can easily create links that you can place in your description box below your YouTube videos. Link your favourite outfit, the make-up products from your tutorial, your setup or etc. You will be rewarded for every click on these links.

The new Linkmaker at stylink

If you have registered with stylink, you are already familiar with our Linkmaker. With our linkmaker, you can add the links of your favourite products from our partner shops. Within seconds the Linkmaker turns them into affiliate links that you can share with your followers and subscribers.

Until now, our Linkmaker was mainly focused on Instagram. At Instagram, you are rewarded for each swipe up of your followers on the related Instagram story. But you can earn money with your content not only on Instagram but also on YouTube. Just move the slider in the Linkmaker to the right, and you’ve chosen YouTube as the target platform for your links.

stylink, influencer platform, youtube, affiliate platform

This automatically sets the right reward for YouTube, and you can create as many links as you like. Place the links in the description box of your latest YouTube video and enjoy the reward when your viewers click on your links.

stylink, influencer platform, youtube, affiliate platform

If you’re still unsure how the Linkmaker works, here are detailed instructions for you. Alternatively, you can also contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions about the stylink platform.

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Instagram or YouTube: Which works better?

Whether you put your affiliate links in your Instagram story or under your YouTube video is entirely up to you. At stylink, we don’t give you any instructions on how you create your content.

Of course, it makes sense to place your links where you are particularly active. If you have a lot of followers on both Instagram and YouTube, you can use stylink on both platforms and place your links there. Don’t forget to adjust the slider in the Linkmaker before you create a new affiliate link.

stylink, influencer platform, youtube, affiliate platform

stylink X YouTube: Earn money with your videos

The more platforms you use for your links, the more potential revenue sources you have. What is the advantage of YouTube? Your videos – and therefore, your affiliate links – stay on the web for a long time, so you can earn money later through the clicks. With an Instagram story, however, if you don’t save the story in your story highlights, your affiliate links disappear after 24 hours.

Just try out what works better for you and become a part of the stylink community. More than 75.000 Influencers and YouTubers are already active on stylink and benefit from our Linkmaker.

Have fun with stylink and YouTube!

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