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Do you love to keep your community on YouTube up to date? And do you frequently produce new YouTube videos for your growing number of subscribers? Then stylink is definitely the right choice for you. We’ll explain to you in the following, why YouTuber should make use of the affiliate platform stylink.

Earn money with your YouTube videos

With stylink, you can easily create affiliate links that you can share in your YouTube description box. Do your subscribers often ask you about your outfits, beauty products or your interior at home? With the affiliate links from stylink, your audience can find your favourite products with just one click.

The effort for your YouTube videos is rewarded

Planning, shooting, cutting and editing videos for YouTube is incredibly time-consuming. We at stylink appreciate your work and we want to support you in earning money with your content. Our intention is to give you something back besides the positive feedback from your community. With the Linkmaker of stylink, you can create your affiliate links. With every click on these links, you earn money. It´s up to you when you create your links and how you integrate them in your videos. We do not give you any guidelines.

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Earn an attractive payment

You can use stylink for various kinds of YouTube videos. Do what you are good at and create great content. You do not have to adapt your content, just post the links in your infobox. You can use stylink for different types of videos on your channel. We have collected a few examples for you:

Hauls: Show your shopping results

Especially for hauls, it makes sense to use stylink because you can present many different products in a short time and create individual links for them. For every single click on these links, you will receive a payment from us. If this takes too long for you, simply link the web address of the respective online shop.

Review Videos: Share your experiences

Here you introduce a product and evaluate it in your video. With stylink, you can eliminate the need for your subscribers to search for the product.

Unboxing videos – unpack it!

If you have recently ordered a certain beauty set, for instance, you can let your subscribers take part in the unboxing process. With the help of our Linkmaker you can create an affiliate link that brings your subscriber directly to the product.

Tutorials: Step by step to the final look

Do your followers keep asking you about your make-up routine? And do you love to show your subscribers your favourite products. Try to create affiliate links with stylink and you will earn money with every click of your subscribers. They are certainly looking forward to purchasing your make-up favourites as well!

Use affiliate links in your usual content

However, you can use stylink for other YouTube videos that are not focused on presenting products. Use our links for example in your travel vlogs, in your fitness videos or as a mommy influencer. Simply link your outfit, your furniture or etc. in your description box. Just share everything that you honestly like and that your subscribers are interested in. Starting with your fitness gear, your favourite jumper, your smoothie maker or your coffee machine.

You are curious?

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At stylink, you have the choice

Thanks to our many partner shops you can link almost any product you like: If you are shooting a fashion haul, you can link products from H&M, ASOS, Topshop, NA-KD, Boohoo, very and many other well-known brands. Or do you love interior design and enjoy showing your subscribers the latest furnishing trends? Shops such as Made, The White Company, Maisons du Monde and H&M Home are available to inspire you. For your fitness content, you can link your sportswear and training accessories from NIKE for instance.

Share your old and new favourites

Ideally, you recommend the products that you already own and love. But of course, you don’t have to buy all the products that you are presenting in your video. You may also share your latest discoveries, that you might want to buy in future. At stylink, it is not about buying new products, but rather about showing your old and new favourites to your subscribers.

Conclusion: It pays off to use stylink

The registration at stylink is (and remains) free of charge. More than 30.000 other YouTuber and Influencer already use stylink and are happy about the per-click compensation. We at stylink will not only connect you with well-known brands but also help you to earn some extra money. Besides posting links on YouTube, you can use stylink for your Instagram Stories as well. Are you not convinced yet? In our blog article, we will give you 21 reasons why you can profit from stylink as an Influencer or YouTuber. Register now and simply try it yourself. The stylink team is looking forward to having you on board!

Become a part of stylink!

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