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By now, we are sure that you have found the link sticker in your Instagram story settings. It has recently replaced the well-known swipe-up function and at the same time opened up the Insta game to more people. Regardless of your follower count, whether you have 5,000 or 15,000 followers, everyone can now share their favorites with the link sticker. So let us talk you through the benefits of using the link sticker and how you can make the most of it while using stylink 

The link sticker  

During the link sticker trial phase, only content creators with over 10k followers and a selection of smaller influencers had access to the feature. Since it was a successful roll-out and Instagram was getting positive feedback from the majority of users, they have decided to make the link sticker available for all users. 

It’s simple and intuitive to use the link sticker. Simply create a story, go to your menu where you find all stickers (GIFs, location, timestamps, etc.)  and select the sticker button. When selecting the link sticker, you will be asked to insert the link you want to use. You can also edit the sticker text (put in the name or description of what you want to link). This way, your community will understand immediately what they will be clicking on. 

Using stylink and the link sticker

Up until now, content creators with a smaller following could only share their affiliate links in their bio. They were limited to share only one link at a time. This has changed now since the link sticker is available for everyone. With it comes many advantages! 

Our link sticker advantages 

  • Your links will get more attention because you can position them yourself. 
  • This will lead to you receiving more clicks on your links, which you get compensated for at stylink! 
  • Your community can directly see what you are linking, meaning they will have a genuine interest in the information you share.  
  • You can save the story and the link in your highlights. This gives your followers permanent access to your recommendations.  
  • Collaborations will be more inclusive for content creators with a smaller following, so you will be more likely to be chosen for brand campaigns.  

Wondering how to create stylinks and get compensated for every unique click on your links? You can find detailed instructions here.

Use the sticker with caution 

Please do keep in mind that your access to the link sticker can be revoked by Instagram in case of misuse. This allows Instagram to prevent users from abusing the sticker function. Brand new accounts and accounts that act against the Instagram Community Guidelines are therefore banned from using the link sticker in their stories.  

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Johanna Alke

Johanna is responsible for the UK market at stylink. She enjoys discovering new social media trends and likes to immerse herself in the digital world.

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