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Whether you’re a content creator on Instagram or YouTube, someone who shares their top picks on Pinterest, or you provide your community a glimpse into your life through a blog, you can earn money with your content quickly by using stylink!  We are stylink, the affiliate platform for influencers. And what’s the best part? Stylink is super easy to use! Just share your favorite items with your community and earn a commission for the clicks on your affiliate links. 

For the better part of five years, stylink has been working with influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and shops to create meaningful partnerships and content. We firmly believe that you should earn more than just likes and comments for your content and recommendations! 

If you are a lover of fashion, beauty and interior design, and you absolutely adore showing your community your top finds on a daily basis, stylink is the perfect platform for you. Check out our Top 10 reasons to register and use stylink, apart from being able to earn an income off showing your shopping hauls and wish lists online.  

Top 10 reasons to sign up to stylink 

1. Our instant payout

stylink works with you: don’t wait around for your money to hit your bank account! You can request a payout starting at $10, which we will process within 24h during the week. 

2. Pay-per-click compensation

You don’t have to rely on your followers buying the products you recommend. At stylink, you are compensated for every click you generate with your affiliate links.

3. stylink works on multiple platforms

You can create and share your affiliate links across multiple platforms: Inspire your community on your Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs! 

4. stylink is easy to use for everyone

Whether you’ve been an influencer or YouTuber for some time, or you are just getting started on this journey, stylink is an affiliate platform for everyone. What’s important to us is the connection you have with your community, regardless of your follower count. Everything you need to start is a stylink account and our Link maker.  

Simply choose a product you want to recommend from your favorite partner shop. Then copy and paste the product URL into the Linkmaker, and generate your affiliate link. After creating the affiliate link, all you have to do is share that affiliate link on one of the following platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or your blog. That’s all!  

The tried-and-true stylink method is to recommend products you already own: wear that new top to show the fit, or showcase that new vase you just placed on your side shelf decorated with some flowers. But even if you have your eyes on some new pieces yourself that you do not currently have at home, you can still share your wish lists with your followers. Just be authentic and only recommend products you would personally recommend to a friend.  

5. Your followers do not have to register on any platform

By clicking on the link sticker on Instagram or by clicking your affiliate links on YouTube, Pinterest, or your blog, your followers are directly taken to the online shop and the product you have recommended. This makes it super easy for them to follow your recommendations and buy the product for themselves.  

6. Our partnerships with well-known brands

Share your favorite products from our large selection of partner shops: H&M, boohoo, Nordstrom Rack, ASOS, Lulus, Forever 21, Feelunique, or Anthropologie, to name just a few! Looking for a shop that is not featured in our Linkmaker yet? Just send us a message with your shop recommendations! We are always looking for new ways to support our users! 

7. Our collaborations and campaigns

While we always negotiate the best conditions for you with brands, stylink also regularly organizes collaborations and campaigns with said brands! Make sure to sign up for our newsletters and to follow us on Instagram – this is where we communicate all our ongoing opportunities. We’re looking forward to your applications!  

8. stylink is free to use

Stylink has been and will always be free for you and your followers to use, there are no hidden costs for anyone.  

9. We love to take care of you personally

When registering with stylink, we will take care of you. If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about how you can benefit best from stylink, we will be happy to help you. Simply get in touch with our Influencer support with whatever channel works best for you: Instagram, via phone, email, text, or iMessage. We are always happy and excited to have a conversation with our influencers to exchange ideas and feedback.  

10. stylink is always growing and expanding

More than 100,000 users are registered with stylink and are creating and sharing affiliate links regularly and we are constantly seeing new sign-ups every day. Across Europe and the US, more than 5,900 links are shared every single day. So, join our growing community, follow us on Instagram and be part of the movement! What are you waiting for? 

Now you’ve made it through our Top 10 reasons – well done! We believe stylink is a great platform for influencers across platforms and regardless of the size of their community. Register for free, give it a try, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our stylink community!

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