New platforms for your stylinks: Pinterest and blogs

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After Instagram and YouTube, there are now two more platforms where you can share your links: Pinterest and your own blog! These two platforms are often used to recommend and link products. We are happy to enable you to use your stylinks and therefore easily earn money on these platforms. We’ll show you what advantages the platforms have for you and how you can use your stylinks on the new platforms.

Your advantages as an influencer on Pinterest

Pinterest demands time – it is no secret. But the effort is worth it: You earn money for every click on your recommendation links when you use stylink. Therefore, you are not dependent only on Instagram anymore – you can also make money and build up reach on Pinterest now. Especially if you choose to work with your existing images, you don’t even have to put so much effort into it!

Pinterest users are predominantly female. Pinterest has constantly been growing and is the platform with the strongest user loyalty. The search for ideas and inspiration leads most people first to Pinterest to discover and try out new trends. You can take advantage of this “discovery mode” of the users.

Another advantage over Instagram is that in Insta Stories, the recommendation links disappear after 24 hours unless you save them in your highlights. But then your followers have to arduously click through the individual stories to get to a specific product recommendation. On Pinterest, on the other hand, all pins are visible at a glance and nicely placed on your pinboards.

Pinterest as a recommendation platform

Pinterest is different from social networks like Facebook or Instagram. It’s about inspiration and discovering content. Many Pinterest users use the platform mainly to get new outfits, recipes, or interior design ideas. The goal of being inspired and, best of all, getting the direct link to the product is significantly higher on Pinterest than on other social media. So, it’s perfect for the stylink concept. Use your stylinks on Pinterest to earn money with your recommendations!

You have three different options for preparing content on Pinterest:

  1. Your own content: From blogger to pinfluencer
    You can upload your own content to Pinterest by providing texts, photos, and links on your own. If you have a blog, the content is perfect for use on Pinterest. You create thematically appropriate pinboards and pin your blog content there. This can be, for example, a tutorial for simple daytime make-up or decoration tips for a mini balcony. You can add links to your blog post on the respective pins.
  2. External content: Fresh wind from outside
    You also have the option of pinning content from external websites or social media channels. If you’ve read a blog post that you want to share with your Pinterest followers, save it on one of your boards. Please note, however, that you have to observe the copyright law.
  3. Repins: You can repin pins from other boards.
    Regardless of whether it is pins from companies or other users, content with added value for your followers is worth its weight in gold. By repining regularly, you will increase your activity and build a strong network on Pinterest.

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Make money on Pinterest with recommendation links

To add new pins on Pinterest that link to a website, you have two options: Either using the Pinterest browser button that you can install or creating a pin manually. If you want to use Pinterest to place recommendation links from stylink, only the second option is attractive for you.

To earn money on Pinterest with stylink, you first create a recommendation link for your favourite product with our Linkmaker and copy this link to your clipboard. If necessary, you can also retrieve the link later in the Linkmaker, where your last recommendation links are stored.

stylink x Pinterest

You can create your stylinks for Pinterest just like you do for Instagram or YouTube. When you log in to stylink, you will be taken directly to the Linkmaker page. From now on, you will see not only the Instagram and YouTube icons there but also the Pinterest icon. This appears on the left side next to Instagram. If you want to create a link for Pinterest, leave the slider on the left, just like you do for Instagram. Then you can insert your selected product link from one of our partner shops and create your recommendation link for Pinterest.
An essential piece of information for you: You receive the same per-click commission for Pinterest as for Instagram.

Open the Pinterest app and click on the plus sign on your Pinterest profile to place the recommendation link on Pinterest. Then click “Create Pin”. Now you can select a picture from your gallery on your smartphone for your pin and click on “Next”. This means that you are not dependent on the product image from the online shop but can choose your own images.

After that, you should enter a relevant title and a description for your pin. That means, if you have linked your favourite leggings, for example, you could enter “My comfy high waist leggings” as the title and let your creativity run wild in the description: Is that the super comfortable leggings that you wear so often and so many of your followers ask for? Are they yoga leggings? Do you also wear them in everyday life? How do you combine your all-around leggings? You can add everything important to you and what your followers should know about your favourite piece in the description.

Finally, click on the “Add” button under “Target website” and copy the recommendation link from the Linkmaker into it. You will be redirected to the online shop and can then click on “Add link”. When you click on “Next”, you then have to select the pinboard where the pin should appear on your profile.

You shouldn’t just pin casually if you want to be successful on Pinterest. Always choose appealing images for your pins because Pinterest is similar to Instagram: It is a visual platform, and users are guided by the pictures. If you take outfit pictures for Instagram, take one or two more pictures right away to have a wide selection for all platforms.

Outfits or decorations? Your content for Pinterest

Still have no idea what to pin to make money? We have tons of ideas for you: You can pin your favourite outfits, your must-haves for your beauty routine, or your home decoration inspiration. Or you can pin your kitchen essentials – you will find chic utensils or stylish tableware in the stylink partner shops. Divide your pinboards into categories – for example, summer looks, sports outfits and accessories, evening make-up, balcony decoration, and so on. Don’t create a new pinboard for every second pin but think about in which existing pinboard your pin and recommendation link fit together.

Even if you don’t necessarily want to become a pinfluencer, you are recommended as a blogger to pin your blog posts on Pinterest. In this way, a lot more visitors land on your blog!

Influencer watch out!

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stylink x Blog

The second platform where you can now share your stylinks is your blog! It gives you some advantages over other platforms. You can help or inform the readers of your blog with your own ideas. The readers of your blog place a lot of trust in you, and you become kind of an expert in your field. Therefore, you build closeness to your readers. And this way, your recommendations will be accepted by the readers much faster than they might be on the other platforms. Consequently, we now want to give you the chance to share your recommendations through stylinks on this platform and thus earn money.

Recommendation links for your blog

It is pretty straightforward to create links for your blog! In addition to Pinterest and Instagram, you will now also see a blog icon on the left in your Linkmaker. You set the slider for your blog stylinks on the left side. Here you can insert a product link of your choice into the Linkmaker and create the first stylink for your blog. Then just add it to the appropriate place in your blog. If you have a nice picture for this product, you can also include it so that your readers know what is hiding behind the link. And with the stylinks on your blog, you receive the same per-click rewards as on Instagram and Pinterest.

We wish you a lot of fun and success when linking on the two new platforms!

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