Instagram content in lockdown: 6 photo ideas to create at home

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Are you currently running out of photo ideas for new Instagram content? Has your feed become monotonous because of all the time you spend at home and therefore have nothing exciting to post anymore? That doesn’t have to be the case! You can take very cool and unusual photos for Instagram at home too.   

To increase your engagement on Instagram, we recommend quality over quantity. Use your time at home – if you feel like it – to create diverse photos that stand out from your usual Instagram feed. We have collected six photo ideas for you that you can easily implement at home during lockdown!   

1. Light reflections: Use the light and shadow play

stylink, vergütungs-plattform, influencer, instagram geld verdienen, youtube geld verdienen, instagram content im lockdown, foto-ideen instagram


  • Blinds  
  • Mobile phone flash 
  • Cheese grater
  • Mirror
  • Daylight

Playing with lights and shadows can help you make creative photos for your Instagram account. There are countless ways you can create shadows in front of your lens: use the rays of the sun shining through the blinds, a mobile phone flash and a cheese grater, the rays in your home that create shadows on another wall, or a mirror creating reflections and rainbows from incoming light.    

If you position yourself fittingly and let the shadows and lights cleverly surround you, your photo for Insta will be eye-catching. Of course, you cannot just take a picture of yourself. You can also use the light and shadow effects to highlight your surroundings and, for example, your most beautiful decorations.    

If taking photos with these tricks is too much work for you, there are plenty of apps to use, such as Afterlight. These apps can add shadows or light effects to your photo afterwards. The effect remains the same: A creative photo for your Insta-Feed that you can create within your own four walls. 

2. Home shooting with a message


  • A free wall
  • Daily newspapers & magazines
  • Accessories  

Not only, can you easily create an exciting motif, but also a diverse and interesting background at home. Simply take old newspapers or magazines and stick them onto a free wall in your home. Of course, you don’t have to cover the entire wall, just as much as can be seen in the picture later.

Now you can position yourself in front of your wall and present your outfits and accessories in a cool environment. Make sure that you are in focus and that the background blurs with the magazines. It’s very easy to create a high-quality photo that looks like it was taken in a photo studio!   

A tip: If necessary, hold a magazine or newspaper with a message of your choice in your hand to convey a cool or topical statement. You can then expand that statement into your caption for your Instagram post. You can find inspiration and photo ideas on Pinterest, for example. 

3. Flatlays & attention to detail

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  • A beautiful background 
  • Accessories 
  • Clothing

With flatlays, you can present your outfits and interior posts in a particularly beautiful way. Simply place your outfit, some beautiful decorative items or special accessories in an artistic position and photograph them from above. This way, you can present your recommendations to your followers in a very aesthetic way and enhance your Instagram feed. Let your creativity run wild with your flatlay!   

These types of photos are also very easy and quick to take at home in lockdown. Due to the bird’s eye view and the carefully designed arrangement, flatlays can look very high-quality on Instagram. Check out our @stylinkofficial_eu Instagram account for lots of flatlay examples that you can use as a guide.  

It’s best to create flatlays of different themes regularly: Outfit or beauty flatlays, interior or food arrangements or, for example, your workplace in your home office. This way, you can make your Instagram feed more consistent and the flatlays will run like a thread through your posts. 

4. New perspective, new content


  • Mobile phone/camera 
  • A beautiful background

By placing your camera on the ground and cleverly positioning yourself in front of it, you can create a variety of content for your Instagram feed. The new perspective gives your picture a completely different look and you can use it to showcase your outfits. For example, use your new shoes or a nice pair of trousers, as you can bring these pieces to their best advantage in the picture. These Instagram pictures will especially look beautiful when there is a beautiful sky in the background at golden hour or at sunset. An imposing building can also look very cool! In the lockdown, a nearby park or your balcony is a good place to take your photo from a new perspective. Again, let your creativity run wild!   

5. Mirror Selfie: Set the scene for yourself and your background  

stylink, vergütungs-plattform, influencer, instagram geld verdienen, youtube geld verdienen, instagram content im lockdown, foto-ideen, mirror selfie


  • Mirror
  • Mobile phone/camera 

If your Instagram feed is full of selfies due to the time you spend at home, mirror selfies are a great alternative. They make your picture look more interesting and enhance your feed. The good thing is that mirror selfies are super easy to take and all the things you need are guaranteed to be at home.  

Just take a nice mirror that you either hold in your hand or place in front of you, your mobile phone or your camera and find a cool spot as it will also be visible in the background. It’s best to blur the background so that the focus is still on you. This makes it easy to get creative with your selfies. A cool side effect is that you can also show your beautiful phone case or camera in the picture and this way, recommend it to your followers.   

6. Food photos  exchange ideas with your community 

stylink, vergütungs-plattform, influencer, instagram geld verdienen, youtube geld verdienen, instagram content im lockdown, foto-ideen, foodblogger


  • Recipe ideas
  • Food
  • Tableware
  • Decorative items

You don’t need to be a food blogger to take food photos that look good enough to eat. Especially now, when all the restaurants and pubs are closed, many followers are looking for delicious recipes. Share your new favourite recipes and ask your community for recipe suggestions that you can then cook. This is an easy way to connect with your followers and increase engagement. A live cook-along on Instagram can be fun too! 

There are several ways you can showcase your favourite dishes on Instagram. Use the aforementioned flatlays for ready-to-eat food arrangements or create Instagram reels by filming the preparation of your favourite curry, for example.   

You can create a separate Instagram Story highlight for your food content so that your followers can access them anytime. Make sure to present the dishes in a particularly appealing way, for example by using your best tableware and decorating your dishes with spices and other toppings.  Our tip: If your followers cook your recipes, you could ask them to tag you on their Instagram posts. This way, you will get attention from users who didn’t come across your profile yet and this can increase your Instagram reach. 


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