No more pixelated pin photos: Pinterest image sizes 2021

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Are you already a real Pinfluencer, or are you just getting started on Pinterest? Pinboard thumbnails, profile pictures, long and short pins, square pins… There are so many that it must be hard for you to keep track of the different image sizes on Pinterest.

It is unnerving that you have to search the web for the correct sizes and formats every time you post a pin. Or you forget about it entirely and end up with a pixelated pin photo on your pinboard. That takes a lot of patience and, above all, nerves. We make it easy for you and provide you with our infographic for 2021, in which you have all image sizes and formats for Pinterest at a glance.

Outfit inspirations and decoration ideas: It’s time to pin! 

Pinterest is one of the platforms that has seen tremendous growth recently. It currently has 478 million active users. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, the number of users increased by 19 million. Pinterest itself clearly describes the size of the platform: If Pinterest were a country, it would be the third-largest country in the world! The majority of active Pinterest users are between 18 and 24 years old.

The platform focuses on visual content such as images and videos. Pinterest users are looking for outfit inspiration, interior design ideas, wedding-related content and much more. This is the perfect chance to deliver your content and use appealing photos to gain new followers and increase your brand awareness. So don’t underestimate the power of Pinterest. 

Pinterest users are in the mood for shopping 

A significant advantage of Pinterest is that the users have the intention to purchase. They are in discovery mode and use the platform to gather inspiration and look for solutions to their problems. Endless scrolling in the feed like on Instagram or other platforms is rather exceptional here.

Users gather styling ideas for specific occasions or gift ideas on Pinterest. They are ready to spend money – an opportunity for you to add an affiliate link to your favourite product that you previously created on stylink using the Linkmaker. This is how the pinners get to the product you have linked: your favourite summer dress, your sneakers or your new coffee table – and earn money with every click! After all, 58 percent of Pinners discovered new products or brands on Pinterest. By the way, the most active target group on Pinterest are mothers – this is your chance as a mom blogger!

The advantage of Pinterest compared to Instagram and especially Instagram Stories, where you can also link products via a link sticker, is the long-lasting content. Even after four months, a pin can still be relevant and is clicked on. On Instagram, on the other hand, stories disappear after 24 hours, and so does your product link, unless you put it in your story highlights.

Pinterest is also relevant for businesses

Companies and online shops are also on Pinterest now. Not everything is purely digital, though: Pinterest offers companies useful functions to build a bridge from the offline world to the online world. With the help of pin codes, potential customers can search for products on Pinterest. This works with the help of pin codes on displays in shops, in magazines or on the packaging. Customers can scan these pin codes and are directed to more products or information. The user only needs the Pinterest app on their smartphone to do this. You can read how to create a pin code at Pinterest Business.

In addition, the visual image search and the lens function are new tools that many users have been waiting for. If a Pinterest user sees a picture of a stylish living room on Pinterest and is looking for a similar lamp shown there, they can click on the lamp with the search tool. In a matter of seconds, the user is shown many similar pins with lamps. They can see at a glance which retailer the products are from. The Lens function goes one step further: If you take a photo of a piece of clothing or furniture in a shop, for example, you can then search for pins with similar products on Pinterest. This function may also be of interest to you as a Pinfluencer if your pins appear in this search.

The so-called Story Pins are brand new. Pinterest provides companies with a feature that is similar to Instagram Stories. However, Story Pins do not disappear after 24 hours. With the Story Pins feature, it is now possible to tell longer stories and show personal insights. Story Pins are not yet available in all countries, but the function has already been introduced in Germany. It remains to be seen whether the Story Pins will continue to be available outside of corporate accounts in the future.   

Our infographic for all Pinterest image sizes 2021

On Pinterest, users who log in with the intention to shop search for inspiration and products. Show your followers your favourite items, your best tips and inspiration. To make your Pinterest presence look professional and visually appealing, you can easily download our infographic. It will save you the tedious search marathon for image sizes in the future, and you will always have all pin sizes ready at a glance. We have also included image sizes that are relevant for companies in 2021. Do not miss out: The essential video formats and image sizes for YouTube is also available from us.

Download infographic Pinterest image sizes


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