FAQ: Frequently asked questions at stylink

Learn about Linkmaker and stylink's compensation system and more in the "top 4" FAQs. For more specific queries, browse down to the  themed questions below. If your concers could not be clarified, reach out to Influencer Support via WhatsAppiMessage, e-mail or phone if needed.

1. How do I create a Stylink?

This is how you can create a Stylink in 5 steps:

  1. Select the desired online shop and search for the product you want to recommend to your followers.
  2. Copy the product link URL  from the online shop and paste it into the Linkmaker box which you find in your stylink account.
  3. Make sure to select a platform e. g. Instagram first before creating your Stylink.
  4. Click on "Create a Stylink" and the Stylink will appear immediately.
  5. Copy & share the Stylink on your desired social media account e. g. your Insta-Story as a link sticker, your YouTube description box, TikTok bio, your blog or Pinterest.

We have a detailed guide for you as well.

Don't forget to mark your content as an advertisement, for example using #ad or #aff. 

Important: You can create Stylinks only for brands we're also collaborating with! For online shops which do not cooperate with our platform, the Linkmaker won't be able to create a Stylink.

2. Where do I post my Stylinks?

You can share your Stylinks generated with our Linkmaker either in your

  • Instagram stories, highlights or bio,
  • TikTok bio,
  • YouTube description box,
  • Pinterest boards,
  • or your blog.

3. How do I earn money with stylink?

You receive a certain pence-per-click compensation for every unique follower click on your Stylinks. Your pence-per-click compensation might differ from day to day depending on the chosen shop and platform.

A little further down in Linkmaker, under "Partner shops & commission", you can see the online shops we work with and how high your pence-per-click commission currently is.

Important: Under "My compensation" you can see how much you've earned per link. Please keep in mind that our system takes up to 48 hours to display the correct number of clicks in your Linkmaker.

4. When will my compensation be paid?

You can request your first cashout starting at the amount of £25.00 (UK)/25,00€ (IE) in your account profile. Under 'My compensation' you can see what you've earned so far.

If you have requested your cashout by noon between Monday and Friday, we will transfer the money to your bank account within 24 hours. This does not apply for cashout requests during the weekend. Please note that it might take a few more days, depending on your bank, until you receive the money.

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How do I contact the stylink support?

Do you have further questions? We are available for you by phone, via website support or at WhatsApp. You can either call us at +44 20 39664658 or text us at iMessage. We will be happy to help you out!